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How would you change Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Darren Murph

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It's been around in a few different hues, and has since grown into a TouchWiz UX kind of outfit, and we're guessing it's about time Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 found its way into our weekly HWYC feature. It's undoubtedly the Android slate to beat, even today, but that doesn't mean that it's spit-shine perfect. For those who opted for this beaut, we're keenly interested in hearing how your experience has been. Are you still satisfied with Honeycomb as a tablet operating system? Is the screen still wowing you? Any durability issues we should know about it? And if you had the keys to Sammy's Design Kingdom, what would you do differently on the next Tab 10.1? Realign the aspect ratio? Go matte? Up the screen resolution? Speak up in comments below -- and keep it sane, cool?

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