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Ca-Fi is an aftermarket Android car stereo that won't fit in your dashboard


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Aftermarket infotainment and stereo solutions for cars have largely died off here in the US. Innotrends has cooked up an Android-powered box, called Ca-Fi, that might have you wishing this little in-dash computer could find a home in your vinyl-covered panel. The 1.2GHz chip inside pushes Gingerbread to the 6.2-inch touch screen for pulling up directions, playing tunes and performing searches using the integrated 3G radio. Of course, as ExtremeTech points out, the double-DIN slot used by the Ca-Fi has been largely abandoned by car makers (particularly in America). But hey, if you've been looking for a way to spruce up that Nova rusting away in your garage, this could be it. We just hope you're the patient type -- Ca-Fi isn't expected to launch until Spring of 2012 and will be a Europe only affair at first. Head on after the break for one more pic and some PR.

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A perfect match: Automobile Infotainment system running on Android ™

Innotrends Ltd, a Hong Kong based company, has in collaboration with hardware and software developers created an innovative 2-DIN Car infotainment system that is built on Android ™ 2.3 and powered by a 1.2 GHz processor. Their Ca-Fi system will be among the first Android™ systems to be launched on the market.

A 3G modem allows surfing the Internet, as well as downloading apps for a variety of purposes, such as navigation or fuel consumption monitoring. Furthermore, the device has Bluetooth hands-free calling, music streaming and can connect to steering wheel stereo controls.

The Ca-Fi system interface is a 6.2 inch touch screen LCD, with a resolution of 800 * 480 pixels. The screen is large enough to have ease of access to applications and GPS. In addition to the 4x45W audio, output connections are available for camera, USB and antennas. Supplemented by a DVD player, two slots for MicroSD cards for multimedia and navigation data, the Ca-Fi system is a real information and entertainment center for automobiles.

The Ca-Fi system, in contrast to the "in-house" developments in the automotive industry, provides the user maximum freedom in customization. The infotainment system will be shown for the first time at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair from October 13th to 16th. Market launch in Europe is planned for spring 2012.


Innotrends Ltd was founded in March 2011 with objective of providing mobile connectivity to the mass market with innovative high quality products. Further information and media data can be found on the Innotrends website:

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