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AT&T reportedly talking to rivals about asset sales in effort to save T-Mobile deal


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It's far too early to be writing it off, of course, but AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile is facing some fairly significant hurdles that could throw a big wrench in the companies' plans -- not the least of which is a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice. Now, according to Blooomberg, AT&T is proactively talking to a number of smaller rivals about selling some of its assets (namely, "spectrum and subscribers") in an effort to save the deal. While talks are described as "preliminary," AT&T has reportedly already reached out to MetroPCS, Leap Wireless, Dish Network, CenturyLink and even Sprint, although Bloomberg notes that any such sell-off may still not be enough to please the DOJ. As you might expect, all of those companies are remaining mum on the matter.

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