I know, I know, Greek kings were usually pretty darn mortal.
Have you lain awake at nights wishing that you could take part in testing an MMORTS themed after ancient Greece? If so, you've got some rather specific issues, but you're also in luck. Immortal King, a browser-based MMORTS, is entering the open beta phase on Thursday, September 22nd. And as with many open betas, it's giving players a chance to take part in a variety of special events during the testing phase.

Players who travel to the official site will be given an opportunity to obtain a special "Newbie Card" to get started in the game easily, and high-ranking players in factional duels also have the opportunity to earn in-game gold. There are also forum events, encouraging players to contribute to the game's knowledge base for more in-game rewards. There are only a couple of days left until the open beta goes live, so if you've been staying up late, you can take heart that your oddly specific sleepless nights are soon to end.

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