The competition may be nabbing most of the headlines these days, but Spotify's got some good news of its own to report. We just got word that the streaming music service has passed two million premium subscribers internationally. We attempted to get some clarification on just how many of those are based in the US, but the company doesn't break down such numbers by country. Still, it's a positive note for companies trying to monetize such services in the face of increasing free offerings. So, are you one in two million? Take the poll and tell us why -- or why not -- in the comments below.
Spotify tops two million premium subscribers -- are you one?
Yes indeed. I signed up and haven't looked back since.8642 (26.8%)
Nope. I tried it out, but it's not for me. 2154 (6.7%)
No. I like to own my music, thank you very much.4653 (14.4%)
Premium subscriber? You know there's a free version, right?8646 (26.8%)
Naw, I love my Rhapsody / Rdio / Pandora, et al. 2879 (8.9%)
Whatify?5324 (16.5%)