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T-Mobile: 90 percent of 2011 smartphone sales were Android, 'ball is in Apple's court for iPhone 5'


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Here at Mobilize, T-Mobile's CMO Cole Brodman revealed that over 75 percent of his company's phones sold in 2011 were smartphones, with 90 percent of those powered by Google's green little robots (read: Android). In a sense, that's not too shocking given the carrier's current portfolio, but it's still a truly dominating figure. We're going out on a limb and guessing that the other 10 percent are enterprise BlackBerry users, mixed in with a few enigmatic renegades for good measure. When asked about other platforms, like RIM, the CMO mentioned he was hopeful for a comeback from the latest crop of Canuck-sourced BlackBerry devices. He also noted that video was responsible for over half the traffic on T-Mob's 4G network. Finally, when asked about the iPhone 5, Brodman responded coyly: "the ball is in Apple's court. [We'd] love to have the iPhone... whenever Apple lets us know." In other words, don't bank on a T-Mob iPhone early next month.

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