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Google Maps adds 3D bird's eye route previews for high-flying navigators

Amar Toor, @amartoo

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Sure, you could use Google Maps to find the shortest path from point A to point B, but what if you're interested in going from A to B via scenic route C? That's where Google's new 'helicopter view' comes in. Unveiled last week, this feature allows online navigators to visualize any driving, walking or mass transit route with a 3D, bird's-eye animation. All you have to do is enter your starting point, destination and mode of transportation, and click the new "3D" button that will appear next to each route. From there, you'll be launched into a Google Earth-powered flight, displaying all the buildings, mountains and other terrain that you'd encounter during your real-life journey. You can also pause the flight at any moment to check out any sights of interest, along with any geo-linked photos, videos or other online content. Buckle up and check out the source link below for more details and images.

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