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Intellectual Ventures takes aim at Motorola over alleged patent infringement


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When Nathan Mhyrvold's Intellectual Ventures firm isn't striking licensing deals with technology companies, it's usually suing them, and you can now add one more big name to that latter group. This time it's Motorola, which IV says it has been in discussions with for "some time," but which it has ultimately been unable to come to an agreement with on a license. A total of six patents covering a fairly wide variety of functions are included in the suit, which was filed in a Delaware federal court, although that's just a small fraction of the more than 35,000 total intellectual property assets owned by the company. For its part, Motorola is remaining mum on the matter, while IV said in a statement that while its "goal continues to be to provide companies with access to our portfolio through licensing and sales," it will "not tolerate ongoing infringement of our patents to the detriment of our current customers and our business."

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