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webOS 3.0.5 clues point to integrated Twitter, better performance for your TouchPad

Sharif Sakr

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If you're the lucky owner of a rare 2011 TouchPad, the onus is on you to keep it clean, polished and updated. Sure, you've already got a decent Twitter client in the form Spaz HD, and you're getting extra snappy performance from webOS 3.0.4, but web chatter indicates that something even better could be on the horizon. Developers have started tweeting via 'webOS Synergy', possibly hinting that integrated Twitter could be on the way in 3.0.5. What's more, another TouchPad owner running that newfangled version has submitted an impressive score to Lithium BenchMark, suggesting it might deliver a performance bump too. The duck may be dead, but the dream lives on.

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