CCP reveals DUST 514 rapid deployment vehicle

DUST 514 - Rapid deployment vehicle
What would a sci-fi shooter be without initials and military techno-jargon? Unusual, for starters, and though DUST 514 is more than your average kill-'em-all, it does share a love of equipment abbreviations with the rest of the genre. The latest such is the rapid deployment vehicle (or RDV), and the mobile monstrosity is the subject of CCP's latest PlayStation blog entry.

The RDVs are AI-driven, existing to deliver gear and other vehicles to players on the battlefield. The blog entry is heavy on lore details, and EVE Online veterans will recognize the RDV's manufacturer (Outer Ring Excavations) as the megacorp behind famous New Eden mining ships like the Hulk and the Orca.
This article was originally published on Massively.