Yesterday, Apple pushed out iOS 5.0.1, just about four weeks after releasing iOS 5 to the masses. Among the reported fixes: battery life improvements, following a confirmed bug in the initial release. We're hearing reports that battery life remains an issue for some iPhone 4S owners, however, and that it's been reduced even further for others. We want to hear about your experience, though, so let us know what's up in the poll below, and jump past the break to join other iPhone owners in the comments.
Has battery performance improved with iOS 5.0.1?
I have an iPhone 4, and my battery life is still an issue with iOS (5.8%)
I bought a 4S, and am having battery problems even after the update!8629 (7.3%)
I have another device on iOS 5.0.1, and battery life remains an issue.2851 (2.4%)
I had battery issues with iOS 5, but this update fixed things for me!7073 (6.0%)
I'm on iOS 5, and never had any gripes with battery life.23304 (19.6%)
I have an iPhone / iPad / iPod, but am steering clear from iOS 5 for now.4725 (4.0%)
I don't use iOS -- show me the results!65333 (55.0%)

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