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QPAD MK-85 gaming keyboard brings NKRO, Cherry MX switches, devilish red backlights

Sharif Sakr

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N-key rollover (NKRO) is the gaming equivalent of musical polyphony, except it's less about creating beautiful harmonies and more about meleeing that camper in the corner while taking evasive maneuvers, reloading your AK, barking orders at your unit, checking the map, calling in a chopper and emailing the office -- all at precisely the same time. If that sounds beautiful to you, then you might consider picking up QPAD's new MK-85 mechanical gaming keyboard, which delivers full NKRO, USB and audio hub functionality and individual blood-red LED backlights over a single USB cable. It also has non-tactile, non-audible Cherry MX Red switches and, of course, plenty of programmable keys. The MK-85 will be available from December priced at €149 ($200). Alternatively, you can opt for a stripped-down MK-50 for €80 ($106), which plays the same core melody but without some of the trills.

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