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Eee Pad Transformer Prime gets handled, fawned over


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We've seen the Eee Pad Transformer Prime work out its camera, take a bite out of Ice Cream Sandwich and slide through a Portuguese hands-on, but we're more than happy to take a peek at Ritchie's Room's "first look" as well. Their impressions? Pretty positive -- Ritchie had nary a negative thing to say about the ASUS slate, optimistically noting that folks screaming for ice cream will eventually be able to sooth their throats with an update. The outfit confirmed a handful of details we'd already deduced -- the prime's svelte 8.33mm (0.33 inches) and 586 gram (1.29 pound) measurements leave it just a hair thinner than the iPad 2, and as we suspected, make it incompatible with the original Transformer's keyboard dock. Hit the source link below for a mess of photos and a glowing write-up.

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