If you're convinced that you're the best at virtual kicking, throwing, catching and running, Virgin Gaming and EA have teamed up to make your skillset into a profitable exercise. Well, potentially profitable -- the two are hosting an EA Sports online tournament for the PS3 versions of three titles: Players can compete for a $400k cash prize in both Madden NFL 12 and FIFA 12, and a $200k prize in NHL 12. Why half as much for the latter of the three? Simple: Hockey is way easier. (Please don't beat us up, hockey-people.)

Before you start chasing the dream of free money, you'll want to read the fine print -- to become one of 1,000 finalists (who must pay their own way to the finals in New York City), players must drop a $10 entry fee, then win six games in a row. If they break their six-game streak, they'll have to start all over, shelling out another $10 to enter again.

Of course, folks who are uncertain in their abilities can drop a cool $400, and automatically become one of the finalists. We suppose that's the ultimate sport: Having lots of money to begin with. Interested parties can read the full rules and enlist on the Virgin Gaming site -- just keep an eye out for, you know, fees.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.