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Woz says Apple could not emerge in Singapore


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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak got a little political lately, saying in an interview with the BBC that a society like Singapore, with its relatively strict approach to aberrant behavior, would never be able to host a company like Apple, with its early days of long-haired weirdos working on groundbreaking technology in their garages. "Look at structured societies like Singapore where bad behavior is not tolerated [and] you are extremely punished," Woz is quoted as saying. "Where are the creative people? Where are the great artists? Where are the great musicians? Where are the great writers?"

I'm not quite sure if it's as simple as all of that -- I'd suggest that great, creative people can flourish in whatever environment they happen to be brought up in. But Woz at least makes a good point in saying that if creativity is to really shine, it's got to be in a place where new ideas (even the crazy ones) are welcomed with open arms.

Singapore is also reportedly trying to build up its tech scene, and Woz is no stranger to the city-state: He was there earlier this year to give a series of talks organized by the government itself. Interesting that he takes this position, then -- it's hard to believe the government would loosen up all of those restrictions just to support their tech industry, but then again, if Woz says so, it must be true.

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