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Is this the PlayStation 3's new video editor? PlayMemories Studio shows up on CES showfloor, Facebook


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Our blurrycammed tipster seems to have found a cozy hovel in Sony's CES booth, and just shot a few more out-of-focus shots our way. This time we're looking at PlayMemories Studio, a PlayStation 3 app that appears to be a family friendly video editor. A trademark filed in October outs the app as "software for viewing, organizing and editing digital photos and video," a description that aptly fits a potential video-centric successor to the console's original PlayMemories app. The presumed PSN video editor seems to have a companion Facebook app as well, though its landing page is predictably blank. Details? We'll fill you in on them when we hit the show floor on Tuesday. Can't wait? Hit the break for a second blurry take.

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