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Microsoft bringing Comcast Xfinity TV to Xbox 360, nails down News Corp. partnership

Darren Murph

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Microsoft told us not to expect a heck of a lot of news from its 2012 CES keynote, but it just took the wraps off of a couple of content partnerships. For one, we're told that Comcast's Xfinity TV will soon be coming to Xbox 360 (FiOS users are finally getting a little company, as it were), and moreover, there's a new News Corporation partnership that'll bring Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Fox and IGN to the aforesaid console. Craig Davidson, Director of Xbox, also threw a verbal high-five to U-Verse, Telus and Telefonica. No word on launch dates, unfortunately, but we're guessing the parties involved will be making their own announcements on that.

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