Well, what have we here? Looks as if Samsung's cooking up quite the content partnership here at CES 2012, with Verizon, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and Comcast (at least) onboard. From a content creation standpoint, NBC Universal is evidently signed on to crack open its coffers and let the material pour fourth, and we're guessing we'll hear of quite a few more once the announcement gets official. As of now, the so-called N Service looks to be one that'll enable select pay-TV subscribers to stream content onto Samsung devices -- hopefully whilst far, far away from home. At least for FiOS TV users, those who take advantage of N Service will be able to "access live streaming FiOS TV channels, as well as Flex View commercial movies and TV shows from one's Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray player." It'll obviously work with multi-room households, too. Have a peek at the detail shots below, and keep it locked right here as we learn more.
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Samsung N Service unveiled at CES 2012

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