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Sony's SmartTags and Smart Wireless Headset Pro hands-on


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Sony's SmartTags were present at CES though locked down so we missed the chance to see them at work -- though, the concept is very straightforward. The tags use NFC to switch your handset's profile: plop one on the desk at work to perhaps mute your set and turn vibration on, leave one in the car to activate nav, and so on. The other accessory on hand was Sony's Smart Wireless Headset Pro, a Bluetooth set with a display capable of showing calendar info, call history, and of course, it plays tunes both wirelessly or with a memory card. We like the tags, that idea's a winner, though, who knows if it'll wash with your average cell user. The headset while pretty is a fingerprint magnet like no other, if you want glossy, you'll pay the price in polish trying to keep it looking pretty. Follow on for a pile of pics of the goods.

Mat Smith contributed to this report.

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