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PlayStation 3 video editor to hit Europe in Q1, 10 euros at launch


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While Mr. Blurrycam already spotted the upcoming PlayStation 3 video editor at CES, he was unable to divulge any details on release dates. We were similarly unable to wring out much more when we hit the show floor ourselves. Now, Sony has finally outed a few key tidbits, including the fact that Europe can expect it to arrive by the end of Q1 and that you'll have to fork out for the pleasure -- priced at around €10 ($13). According to Electricpig, the PlayMemories Studio will offer up cropping and zooming tools, slow-mo, and a medley of sound and visual effects. Incoming versions of the movie editor for iOS and Android, however, will still arrive gratis. Are you willing to stump up to get your Spielberg on? While there's nothing concrete on a US launch date just yet, we'd expect to see the editor to make a similar appearance over the next few months.

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