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Lumia 800 bundle coming to Microsoft retail stores on Valentine's Day, $899 is the new price of love

Zachary Lutz

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Well, you knew the Lumia 800 would be coming to Microsoft's chain of retail stores this month, but we bet you weren't counting on an $899 price tag. That's the word from our compadres at The Verge, who suggest that Nokia's handset will initially be available only as a bundle, which is set to be up for grabs on February 14th. In addition to the unlocked Lumia 800, buyers with a whole lotta bravado will be able to demonstrate their love with the included Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker, a Purity HD Stereo Headset and an in-ear Bluetooth unit. We know that Nokia has a new conflict-free mineral policy and all, but for $899, you might just want to ask your sweetie if she'd prefer a diamond.

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