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Droid RAZR ICS screenshots leaked, could this be the next Blur?


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Last week Moto unveiled in detail its rollout plans for the mighty ICS treat that's heading towards its handsets and slates. Now, if a set of screenies is to be believed, we have a quick glimpse into what we can expect once its promised Q2 outing comes around -- at least for Big Red's RAZR variants. At first glance, the alleged Ice Cream Sandwich build isn't much different than what you'd see in its native state. That said, there are bits that would make it easy for any connoisseur to tell 'em apart, including: different icons, dialer and drop-down menu, as well as a redesigned shooter UI. Unfortunately there's no word as to when it'll legitimately hit the masses, but all you RAZR fans can see more screenshots of what Motorola may have in store at the source below.

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