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AllThingsD: Google diggs Kevin Rose (updated)

Dante Cesa , @dantecesa

You might know Kevin Rose from his days at TechTV, as the cofounder of the social news website, or from his awesome drunken (and sometimes quotable) ramblings on his former video podcast diggnation. However, per AllThingsD, it appears that Rose, and perhaps a bunch of his cohorts at his latest gig, Milk, have been poached to work at the Google mothership. That comes merely a day after Milk shuttered its first product, Oink -- an app enabling users to rate experiences rather than venues, think Yelp but for things. As to what Rose and any coworkers that come with him will be doing once in Mountain View is currently unknown, but unfortunately it looks like Milk's headed to the deadpool, folks.

Update: TechCrunch has it on good authority that Google is indeed picking up the entire Milk team. Also of note, was an alleged bidding war for the team with Facebook.

Source: AllThingsD
Coverage: TechCrunch

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