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Distro Issue 32: HP's glass-clad Envy 14 Spectre and the state of portable gaming


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With the Ultrabook onslaught in full effect, manufacturers are doing their best to make their Air opponents stand out from the crowd. For its part, HP has outfitted its ultra offering, the Envy 14 Spectre, with a touch of glass and NFC baked-in. In this issue of Distro we'll find out if those two additions are enough to make it worth the $1,400 starting price. Also in this issue, Sean Buckley reports from GDC 2012 with a look at the portable gaming industry's "big three." In addition, we put HTC's Sense UI 3.6 and Sony's Xperia S to the test, Tango's Eric Setton takes on the Q&A and Box Brown draws a Last Word with the drinksman in mind. So grab yourself a beverage and get to downloading.

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