Korean court confirms guilty verdict in TERA criminal trial

TERA - Castanic concept art
Multiple news sites are reporting a verdict in the long-running NCsoft vs. Bluehole Studio litigation regarding stolen Lineage III assets. According to the sites, the Korean Supreme Court has confirmed the guilty verdict in the criminal trial originally reached in 2009. The body also doled out "tougher punishment" in the form of prison time and probation for a former Lineage III department head and a team manager.

ThisIsGame.com points out that there could be more bad news coming for the team that turned Lineage III assets into TERA, as the outcome of a $5.7 million civil suit is still pending.

MMO Culture has published a timeline of the TERA legal proceedings, though neither website cites a source for its information. We'll update the story with more details as they become available.
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