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Google announces Brand Activate Initiative for online advertising, hopes to establish new standard


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When Google makes a new move in advertising, people are bound to take notice, and it's made a fairly big one today. It's announced what it's dubbed the Brand Activate Initiative at the Ad Age Digital Conference today, something that initially consists of two new services for advertisers: Active View and Active GRP. The latter is a so-called gross rating point metric that's modeled to some extent on TV advertising, while Active View is something that Google hopes will become a standard for all online advertising. In short, it measures both how long an ad remains on a person's screen and how much of it is viewed -- if at least 50 percent of it is viewable for at least one second it's counted as an viewed impression. Both of those options are rolling out today, but they're apparently just the beginning of the broader initiative. You can see Google itself explain it in the video after the break, and on its DoubleClick blog linked below.

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