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Kaspersky Lab: Macs not invulnerable to malware


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The writing is on the wall. Our time of innocence is gone. Researchers from Kaspersky Labs claim Mac market share has finally reached the critical point, and the platform is now an attractive target for online criminals.

Kaspersky told Ars Technica and other press on Thursday that, "Mac users can expect "more drive-by downloads, more Mac OS X mass-malware, and more cross-platform exploit kits with Mac-specific exploits."

It's not all doom and gloom. Infections in the wild are still sparse, and Apple may slow the spread of future threats with the introduction of Gatekeeper in Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Among other things, Gatekeeper will prevent users from "unknowingly downloading and installing malicious software."

If you don't want to wait for Gatekeeper, there's also several good antivirus solutions like Avast and Sophos that are available now for Mac users to download.

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