In light of Spotify launching its long awaited iPad app, and iMore's recent in-depth look at the top three music streaming services available for the iPhone, we thought we'd take a little TUAW poll to see just which music streaming services (if any) TUAW readers use on their iOS devices.

Trend setters say more of us are streaming the music instead of buying it. Let's find out if this is true among our readers. And if so, which service is the most popular?

Check out the poll below and vote for the option which best suits you.

Which music streaming service are you using for iOS?
Spotify. I pay full whack for its Premium service on my iOS device.1305 (23.9%)
Slacker. It offers a free streaming service on my iPhone (or paid for premium service) that offers a good mix between discovering new music and customizing the music I want.191 (3.5%)
Pandora. It also offers a free streaming service (or a paid for premium service), but it's best for discovering new music.1587 (29.1%) or other. I use a variety of music streaming services for my iOS device depending on what suits me best at the time. 302 (5.5%)
Rdio, it's the streaming service for me.835 (15.3%)
I don't stream, I buy. And that's why iTunes is at the top (and I own my music)!1074 (19.7%)
I don't do digital music, streaming or otherwise. I'm the reason vinyl is making a comeback!158 (2.9%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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