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Samsung Galaxy S III gets benchmarked, shows plenty of promise


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We're here on the floor at the Samsung Galaxy S III launch and we've just managed to get some alone time with the unit to get some benchmarks. Now, let's stress that the handset is a pre-production model, so we can't take these as gospel truth, but it's a good indication of how powerful that Quad-Core Exynos really is. The only thing that isn't working is SunSpider, since our results just didn't tally with the other tests available, so hopefully it's just a quirk. Head on past the break for a dose of nitty and a sprinkling of gritty.

Samsung Galaxy S III HTC One X (AT&T) HTC One X (global) HTC One S (global) Samsung Galaxy Note (global)
Quadrant (v2) 5,189 5183 4,906 5,053 3,854
Linpack single-thread (MFLOPS) 51.337 103.77 48.54 103.88 64.3
Linpack multi-thread (MFLOPS) 101.606 214.53 150.54 222.22 95.66
NenaMark2 (fps) 58.8 58.7 47.6 61.0 32.8
NenaMark1 (fps) 59.8 58.6 59.5 60.8 56.6
Vellamo 2094 2350 1,617 2,452 901
SunSpider 9.1 (ms, lower numbers are better) 1709 1,772.5 1,742.5 2,902

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