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Walmart cuts price of iPhone 4S (Update: Pricing error)


Update: 9to5Mac got confirmation from Walmart that this was a pricing error, not a sale.

Walmart is not only the third-largest reseller of iPads, but the discount retailer also sells a lot of iPhones for Apple at its approximately 9,000 locations. Now it appears that Walmart is selling the AT&T iPhone 4S at a significant discount at some stores.

According to Cult of Mac and The Verge, some Walmart stores are showing a sale price on the 16 GB iPhone 4S (in both black and white) with a two-year AT&T contract for US$114. That's $74 less than the usual price at Walmart and a full $85 off the normal $199 price from Apple and AT&T.

The sale isn't available on Walmart's website, but appears to be popping up at a number of stores. The price drop was discovered at a Walmart store in Edmond, OK by Cult of Mac, and The Verge found the same pricing at a store in Austin, TX.

If you're not in the market for an iPhone 4S, the 8 GB iPhone 4 is also available at a discount at the low, low sale price of just $34. TUAW readers who find the sale pricing at their local stores should leave the store location in the comments below so other readers may take advantage of the bargain.