Zynga sues French publisher Kojobo over 'PyramidVille'

In its continuing efforts to secure unwavering dominion over the suffix "ville," Zynga has filed suit against French publisher Kojobo over the name of its strikingly familiar-looking Facebook game PyramidVille.

As you'd imagine, the complaint has a hell of a lot to do with Kojobo's usage of "ville," with Zynga arguing that "Facebook users are likely to believe, erroneously, that PyramidVille is a member of Zynga's 'ville Family of Games," according to the complaint. Zynga hopes that its aggressive promotion of Farmville and Castleville will outweigh the fact that it doesn't actually own a trademark on the suffix.

"Given Kojobo's refusal to change their game name, legal action was necessary to defend our famous marks and prevent player confusion," Zynga said in a statement to Reuters. The San Francisco-based publisher seeks damages totaling three times the amount of profit accrued by PyramidVille since its release in 2011.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.