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If you followed MJ's Choose My Adventure in City of Heroes throughout the month of May, you know that veterans constantly recommended that she do one thing: roll blueside. More people play superheroes than villains, and if you want to group, Paragon City is the place. But I say the villains of the Rogue Isles surely have the best scenery. Massively reader Jeromai chipped in two gorgeous shots of the grimy skyscrapers of redside with this note:
One of my favorite spots villain-side is the Jackpot area of St. Martial, especially when it gets dark and the building lights are a stark contrast to the gloom of all the other previous zones. Sure, it's still a soulless Las Vegas-style strip wannabe, but I love super-jumping down the street as the music changes. This is my normal view of things when super-jumping. But if you get down to street-level, it's also surprisingly immersive. Notice the Marcone or Family gangster leaning nonchalantly against one building as the cars and pedestrians cruise through.
Both shots (and a few others) are tucked behind the break!

City of Heroes - Jeromai
City of Heroes - Jeromai
Massively fan Naren lends his support to One Shots this week with the following pic of his Pandaren Monk, ZhoTsen, a "grasshopper of the healing variety" in the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria beta.

World of Warcraft - Naren
And finally, Brad mailed along this post-boss-kill stop-action shot of his Vindictus character Isabliss. "How many games let you casually snap your fingers to activate a huge hit on a mob?" he wonders. Not enough, Brad. Not enough.

Vindictus by Isabliss
Admit it: Most of you will be spending Memorial Day gaming, so take a few One Shots in your title du jour and send them in!

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