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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta ready for download: better portrait mode and Android app support

Sharif Sakr

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That Michael Clewely is a man of his word. Not only has the PlayBook OS 2.1 beta version arrived just when he promised, but it also brings some handy additions that nudge the tablet a little closer to the land of fulfilled potential. There's portrait support for the Email, Calendar and Contacts apps, along with full device encryption and some smaller tweaks like .png screenshots and improved email folder support. The Android runtime has also been bolstered to allow multiple apps to run in separate windows, access the camera module and support in-app payments via the BlackBerry Payment SDK. There'll be more stuff in this update, according to RIM, but we'll have to wait (there's that word again) until the commercial release. You'll find the beta registration link below.

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