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HTC reportedly excluded from next-gen Windows tablets, Microsoft doubts company's 'experience'

Zachary Lutz

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Microsoft's reset on its tablet game is going to require a fairly substantial push from manufacturers and developers alike, but according to Bloomberg, at least one respected company won't be allowed to partake in the effort. Take this with a grain of salt, but it's reported that HTC has been excluded from the development of Windows RT / Windows 8 tablets, apparently due to its lack of experience in the arena. This is all according to confidential sources, of course, which also claim that HTC "doesn't sell enough devices," as another reason for the decision. If the rumor is indeed accurate, talk about bad news for both parties -- it'll simply be one less troop to wage war against the mighty juggernauts from Cupertino and Mountain View. Perhaps HTC will ramp up its Android tablet efforts out of spite?

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