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Cracking the Nexus Q, Google's 25-watt amplified obsession
Vizio's Google TV box emerges as the Co-Star Stream Player, goes up for pre-order in July with OnLive gaming
Google Play starts selling movies, TV shows (single episode or full season) and magazines today
Google TV will get subscription billing, support for movie and TV purchases in Google Play
HBO Go update supports Android tablets up to ICS
Hulu Japan lands HBO content, but don't expect any changes in the US
Don't worry, you're not the only one: Netflix is currently down, admins hard at work

Boxee, Comcast agree to a workaround for encrypted basic cable channels on third party boxes
Peel AllPlay TV unites media sources for Android fans, puts them in harmony with Google TV
Verizon FiOS TV finally set to enforce CableCARD restrictions
Marquee Media Center hands-on
Vizio XVT CinemaWide TV goes on sale, 21:9 movie purists celebrate the end of black bars
Control4 delivers home automation Starter Kit for under $1,000 including installation, we go hands-on
Marvel's The Avengers Blu-ray hits September 25th, iOS second screen app this month
Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Blu-ray set hits shelves September 18th
AMC dropped from Dish Network, cuts a new deal to stay on with AT&T U-verse
Next season NFL will release All-22 game tape, relax blackout rules and start later
Must See HDTV (July 2nd - 8th)

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