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Apple to present at Black Hat conference for first time, talk about iOS' padlocks


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Apple is taking a different, more cautious tack when it comes to security these days. That doesn't make it any less surprising that the company is planning to give a presentation at the Black Hat conference: the company will have someone on stage for the first time and won't just socialize in the corridors. When he takes to the podium on July 26th, platform security manager Dallas De Atley will go into detail regarding iOS' security measures in front of an audience used to finding a way around them. The company hasn't said whether that involves current or future technology; we suspect that Apple may be eager to show what iOS 6 brings to the table, however. If it all goes down like Black Hat general manager Trey Ford says it will, Apple may both open up a bit on security and set more of the agenda this week -- instead of letting conference goers set it themselves.

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