Samsung SGH-T899 for T-Mobile emerges on the web with potential Windows Phone 8, LTE

Samsung SGHT899 for TMobile emerges from the web's depths with potential Windows Phone 8, LTE

User agent profiles on the web aren't always guarantees of what you'll get in a future device, but this is one of those moments where we'd like the details to be true. A Samsung-made Windows Phone 8 device for T-Mobile, the SGH-T899, lines up closely with the higher-end Odyssey we'd previously only seen in a purported roadmap. Along with alluding to the OS itself through the presence of Internet Explorer 10, there's a reference to the hinted-at 1,280 x 720 screen that you won't find on any Windows Phone 7 gear. The profile even contains a suggestion of LTE support, although we're still wondering whether or not this would be very aggressive futureproofing or just an incidental aspect of the possible Snapdragon S4 chip -- Magenta isn't flicking the LTE switch until 2013. At least the rumored fall release date gives us a comparatively short wait before we learn whether the Odyssey and T899 are one and the same, or real at all.