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Vimeo adds advanced uploading features, custom thumbnails and Dropbox integration


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Last we heard, Vimeo was the one being integrated into a couple of Microsoft's photo and movie-making products, but now it's the video giant announcing a service integration of its own. Of course, as you can see above, we're talking about the recently announced Dropbox synthesis -- which will allow Vimeo users to upload vid content straight from the cloud locker behemoth, as well as save all original files to their account. Furthermore, Vimeo's also added new advanced uploading features that essentially allow uploads to be resumed, plus the ability to choose any frame and set it as a thumbnail -- a nice addition to those soundtrack tools from earlier this year. You can give these a try yourself now; in the meantime, however, we recommend checking out Vimeo's fresh feature-touting visuals after the break.

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