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Sony posts binaries to back Googler's AOSP project for Xperia S


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When Google's Android Open Source Project lead Jean-Baptiste Queru promised an AOSP build for the Sony Xperia S, we didn't know just how much help he would get: Sony has been welcoming of the effort, but the lack of any immediate assistance didn't make for an auspicious start. Much to enthusiasts' delight, Sony says it wants to be more involved with the back-to-stock strategy than just well-wishing. The company is posting vital binaries like drivers to kickstart the process. It's also planning longer-term help by dedicating senior engineer Björn Andersson to monitoring and patching the project when needed. Sony is still wary enough not to get its hopes up, or ours -- it's not convinced that Queru's strategy will lead to a truly reliable build. All the same, the contribution is an important step towards expanding AOSP's scope beyond its usually Nexus-centric past.

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