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Amazon cuts the price of the lowest-end Kindle to $69, reader starts shipping on September 14th


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We're just kicking off Amazon's Kindle-themed press event today and it seems the company is starting off at the lower end: the company just announced that the $79 Kindle we've been recommending is now going to be the $69 Kindle. Now, CEO Jeff Bezos only briefly mentioned the device in his keynote, and didn't clarify whether there are any cosmetic changes over last year's model (we're guessing not). Bezos did say, however, that the new Kindle will have new fonts, sharper text and 15 percent faster page turns. Like the 2011 model, the $69 Kindle is ad-supported, but an ad-free version will sell for $89. Want to avail yourself of the ten-dollar savings on the lower prices? No need to wait: it's up for pre-order today, and will ship next week, on September 14th.

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