Hasselblad H5D coming December with new focus system, design, up to 60 megapixels

Hasselblad H5D brings new autofocus and design, no shortage of damage to bank accounts

Medium format camera fans, brace for impact: there's a new Hasselblad coming. The H5D supercedes the ages-old H4D with a True Focus II system that -- we're told -- is both more accurate and immediately confirms its lock. Hasselblad has also reworked the body for a more rough-and-ready feel, giving the H5D bigger controls, an extra-bright viewfinder and better weatherproofing. A new RAW + JPEG capture mode, improved wide-angle-to-macro lens conversion and a fresh 24mm f/4.8 lens have also been added to tempt studio photographers. If all this sounds alluring, H5Ds will be available in 40-, 50- and 60-megapixel versions (plus 50- and 200-megapixel Multi-Shot variants) this December. We likely won't know the effect on our bank accounts until at least a September 18th media event, but we wouldn't assume any kind of populist pricing -- Hasselblad's tendency towards five-digit figures may limit any first-hand exposure to a rental.