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Chameleon Android launcher hits version 1.1, adds support for native widgets


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It's not every day that we cover launchers of any kind, but when we heard the Kickstarter-funded Chameleon had been updated to version 1.1, we thought those of you who have supported the project since its early days would be happy to hear the news. And while the refresh itself doesn't bring many changes, it does include the long-awaited support for stock Android widgets -- not to mention a few welcomed improvements to the current Twitter, Google Calendar and YouTube homescreen-living apparatuses. Naturally, these will go hand to hand with those tweaks announced less than a month ago in version 1.0 of the tablet launcher. There's a video courtesy of Chameleon situated down below -- in case you're interested in seeing what all the fuss is about before you download the Android commodities.

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