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Motorola reveals Atrix HD Developer Edition, highlights unlockable bootloader

Darren Murph

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Digging the idea of picking up an Atrix HD, but bummed about that whole "locked bootloader" situation? Problem solved. Motorola has just introduced the Atrix HD Developer Edition, which offers up the exact same specifications as the original, but allows near infinite customizations thanks to an unlockable bootloader. For the laypeople in attendance, that allows tinkerers to install custom ROMs on the phone without any additional hackeration, thus giving them to power to overhaul Android's look and feel in a major way. As of now, Moto's not talking pricing or release, but you can follow the source link to sign up for updates. (Oh, and if you're hoping for a quick turnaround, don't even think about looking at how long it took the Galaxy S III Developer Edition to finally go on sale.)

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