RaiderZ takes us down into the depths of the Rietz municipal sewage system

While RaiderZ shoots through the rapids of open beta on its way to the waterfall of launch, Perfect World is evangelizing this title to any and all who will hear the message of an action MMO with memorable monsters. Today the company is reading from the Book of Dungeons, Chapter Six: the Rietz Sewer.

The sewer is a high-level instance that challenges players to wade through colorful waste and dispatch all of the forgotten pets that were flushed a long, long time ago. OK, we have no idea how those monsters got down there, but they're big and in need of culling.

Check out the Rietz Sewer in the following screenshots and video, and make sure you've caught up on Massively's hands-on impressions of RaiderZ!

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]

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