Poll Are you buying an Ouya or a Wii Mini

When the Android-powered, crowd-funded Ouya console arrives next year with a near-$100 starting price, it'll be the cheapest new game console at launch in ... well, ever. Of course, the big entrenched players aren't just taking this lying down -- Microsoft's got a $99 version of its Xbox 360, albeit with a subscription-based subsidy, and Nintendo today introduced the Wii Mini, a $99 Wii console with a fewer abilities than its slightly larger forebear (exclusive to Canada for now, but we doubt it'll stay that way). Neither of these initiatives is a direct response to Ouya, mind you, but the three choices will assuredly find themselves paired against the others in the minds of consumers.

As such, we can't help but wonder where you'll end up. Does Nintendo's revamped, smaller Wii get you all worked up, or is it Ouya's promise of open-source freedom that's doing it for you? Perhaps you've got a custom gaming rig that makes all other options look like Playskool by comparison? Let us know in the poll below!

Update: That whole "voting" part of the poll below seems to not be playing nice with our new look. Alas, we're working on a fix right this minute, and will let you know as soon as you're clear to vote. Terribly sorry about that!

Update 2: And we're clear! Cast votes to your heart's content!

Are you buying an Ouya or a Nintendo Wii Mini?
I'm buying an Ouya, regardless of the unpronounceable name!9858 (60.2%)
I'm buying a Wii Mini, regardless of the lacking WiFi! Letsa go!521 (3.2%)
I'm buying both, as I have an insatiable need to own every new piece of gaming technology.403 (2.5%)
I'm not buying either. Dreamcast for life!3794 (23.2%)
Who are these "Angry Birds" I keep hearing about?1810 (11.0%)

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