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SuperPop Project develops game for children with motor skills impairments, aided by Microsoft's Kinect (video)

Billy Steele

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The tools available to therapists tasked with helping children with motor skills impairments improve their range of motion are definitely helpful. But the Human-Automation Systems Lab at Georgia Tech is looking to make said tools even better (specifically for those with cerebral palsy) with the SuperPop Project. With the use of a Kinect and display -- two items that may already be in many homes -- what children will see as a game is actually helping to build upper-arm motor function. The setup is fully customizable on the back end, which allows the therapist to tailor sessions to each patient and to his or her individual progress. During the course of play, the software tracks the coordinates of the user's joints, collecting loads of data for analyzing progression / regression and the like during the course of the rehabilitation. Head on past the break for a quick look at the setup in action.

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