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Moonbase offers up a visual editor for creating HTML5 animations, memes

Alexis Santos

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HTML5 holds great potential for creating interactive in-browser experiences, but wielding its power typically requires assorted web design skills and a good handle on JavaScript. However, Jake Lodwick -- who had a hand in creating Vimeo and College Humor -- is making an effort to lower the barriers holding back internet denizens from crafting web-based animations. Moonbase, the first project of Lodwick's new company, Elepath, replaces hand coding with a visual editor that enables users to create animations with custom text, images, colors, movements and more. Results vary based on a user's prowess with the tool, but the founder envisions the service as a fertile spawning ground for memes. Moonbase even has support for sharing animations, and the option to fork existing creations, allowing users to put their own spin on works of art. The service is free in its current state, but Elepath is contemplating charging for tools aimed at pros. Hit the jump for a video of the service in action or click the neighboring source link to give Moonbase a go.

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