Maybe we're tipplin' the 'nog a bit too much here at TUAW Central, but we thought you'd enjoy joining in our poll on the best Apple-themed presents for Rangifer tarandus volans.

These animals are responsible for an awful lot of hard work, distributing presents, defying physics (something with a lot of "quantum" appears to be involved in collapsing gift waves simultaneously), waiting on rooftops as a big fat man makes his way down ventilation ducts and other rooftop access points, and racking up frequent flyer miles.

While most of the coverage today seems to focus on the big fellow, our hearts go out to the overlooked heroes of the Christmas distribution process: the reindeer. What would you buy Rudolph and his pals in gratitude for their service?

What is Rudolph getting from Santa?
Anything iMac with Thunderbolt (Donner) and Lightning (Blitzen) support built in29 (11.6%)
An iPhone 5 with its screen so bright, it could guide the sleigh tonight (in case of reindeer nasal failure)42 (16.7%)
iPad mini. It's perfect for reading during the other boring 364 nights of the year.45 (17.9%)
Apple TV. Reindeer love anything that involves Airplay38 (15.1%)
Something scratchy and skeuomorphic but lovingly knitted by Mrs. Claus13 (5.2%)
Google Maps. During Santa's testing with Apple's Maps app, there were those...unfortunate...incidents. We're pretty sure the lawsuits will be resolved by next Christmas44 (17.5%)
Really? Really? You're wasting our valuable time with joke polls about reindeer gifts? Get a life, you bloggers.36 (14.3%)
Something else. I'll pun in the comments.4 (1.6%)

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