So this is kind of why internet polls aren't of much value.
You've all heard Massively's (somewhat contradictory) opinions on the best MMOs of 2012, and some of you wanted a chance to chime in on the top awards, even though the results of polls can be... somewhat dubious (see image above from a few years back -- and also raise your hand if you've never even heard of like half of those). So let's test the theory that community polling is worthless and do some informal best-of polls anyway!

Remember, the games and expansions you're voting on had to have been released in 2012 (that means Star Wars: The Old Republic is more or less out for having launched at the tail end of 2011, but if you want to write it in anyway, that's OK too -- we did for our awards too, after all). We don't really have room for every game in the poll, so feel free to do write-ins at the end and then tell us why you voted the way you did.
What was the best MMO launched in 2012?
Arcane Legends14 (0.2%)
Dark Legends11 (0.1%)
Guild Wars 22326 (28.2%)
Pirate1013164 (38.4%)
PlanetSide 2502 (6.1%)
RaiderZ50 (0.6%)
TERA197 (2.4%)
The Secret World1508 (18.3%)
Tribes: Ascend58 (0.7%)
Wakfu22 (0.3%)
Something else387 (4.7%)
What was the best MMO expansion launched in 2012?
Chains of Eternity (EQII)117 (1.9%)
Menace of the Underdark (DDO)114 (1.9%)
Mists of Pandaria (WoW)1671 (27.2%)
New Horizons (Allods)72 (1.2%)
Rain of Fear (EQ)84 (1.4%)
Retribution (EVE)762 (12.4%)
Riders of Rohan (LotRO)645 (10.5%)
Storm Legion (RIFT)1413 (23.0%)
Something else1257 (20.5%)

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