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Alcatel prepping One Touch Scribe HD phone with quad-core MediaTek chipset

Zachary Lutz

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If you remember the MediaTek MT6589 that we recently took for a spin, you might recall that it holds the curious designation as containing the world's first quad-core Cortex A7 1GHz+ CPU. Interestingly, we've just learned that this snappy, efficient chip will be included in Alcatel's upcoming One Touch Scribe HD smartphone. Alongside that announcement, the company has confirmed to us that it'll soon debut the One Touch Idol Ultra, which counts as its thinnest smartphone to date, along with a modular tablet that's dubbed the One Touch Evo7 HD. Not to stop there, Alcatel also promises that a mobile hotspot known as the One Touch Link W800. Other details remain elusive, but we're hopeful that we'll learn more in a few days time.

Alcatel prepping One Touch Scribe HD smartphone with quadcore MediaTek chipset

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